Unlimited Diving Equals Unlimited Practice

Kyla, Matt and Sam all ready for a practice session utilising their free, unlimited diving as Downbelow internsOur 3 professional interns and Instructor Development Course candidates were spotted teaming up for some practice recently.

As interns on our professional scuba diving programs, Kyla, Matt and Sam gets free, unlimited diving, which means they can spend as much time diving as their bottom time allows.

Our PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre is on Gaya island, from where we dive every day, so between anytime shore dives and our regular, scheduled boat dives, a Downbelow intern literally has free reign to enter the water whenever they like – all at no additional cost.

This allows for a unique opportunity to gain required logged dives while practicing skills until it becomes second nature, which makes its a breeze to demonstrate during course exams.

Combine all this practice with Downbelow’s resident and ever-reachable PADI Course Director, backed up by his top notch Go Pro team, and it’s easy to understand why we maintain a 100% success rate in Instructor Development Courses.

So, if you want to Go Pro, go Downbelow.  Get in touch and start today.

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