Kota Kinabalu IDC Candidates Benefit from 1 Month Internship

PADI Course Director Richard and IDC Staff Instructor James (back, left to right) with the 6 May IDC Candidates

The benefit of a scuba diving internship cannot be overstated as our Kota Kinabalu IDC candidates benefit from their 1 month internship with Downbelow.

Although our next IDC only starts on 16 May, all 6 our candidates are already on deck, taking advantage of some awesome, hands-on experiences available to them during their internship this month.

That said, we can comfortably accommodate more candidates during our May Instructor Development Course, so get in touch to if you’re keen.

Back to our candidates; the month of May sees Downbelow facilitate yet another adventure group who joins us to, amongst other things, learn how to dive.

This gives each of our 6 candidates the unprecedented opportunity to shadow one of Downbelow’s experienced instructors through entire open water course cycles.

Our candidates will be able to learn from real world teaching scenarios as conducted by seasoned professionals, which will undoubtedly contribute to their bag of knowledge to reference during the IDC.

Not only that, but our IDC candidates also get invaluable group logistics experience, which is something you just can’t simulate in training.

Between the 6 candidates, our resident Course Director and the rest of Downbelow’s experienced Go Pro Team, our IDC interns get an unparalleled Team Teaching experience.

Let the learning begin!

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