Customised Professional Divemaster Internship in Malaysia

Customed Professional Divemaster Internship in MalaysiaWe’re joined by new professional Divemaster interns here on Gaya Island, Malaysia this month, who will be with us for 2 months working towards their PADI Divemaster qualifications.

Usually our PADI Divemaster Internship is only 1 month, but because new interns Andy and Denise have no previous diving experience, they have none of the entry requirements for our 1 Month PADI Divemaster Internship in Malaysia.

But the benefit of having our own high quality PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre facility, equipment, infrastructure and classroom, is that we can tailor our packages to suit clients with special requirements.

Diving qualifications are only part of the requirements though. A minimum of 60 logged dives is another requirement for the Malaysia PADI Divemaster Internship.

And there too we really are the only choice, as we are hard to beat, because our dive centre is on Gaya island from where we dive every day.

Not only can you do a walk-in dive to reach our house reef, but all the other sites in the TAR Park is a very short boat ride away on one of our 4, fast, custom-made dive boats.

If that isn’t enough, our professional SCUBA diving internship include unlimited SCUBA diving too! So Denise and Andy can rack up dive at whatever pace pleases them.

Under the watchful eye of our PADI IDC Go Pro Team and our other highly trained instructors and Divemasters, we look forward to seeing Denise & Andy grow and development during their Customised Professional Divemaster Internship here in Malaysia.

To join one of our Professional Divemaster Internships, custom made or otherwise, email us to start living the diving dream and Go Pro with Downbelow.

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