Interns Joined Forces to Fight Monster Net in Borneo

Local and international interns joined forces with Downbelow staff to remove discarded net.

Once again our PADI Divemaster trainees and PADI IDC interns, both local and international, were called upon to be marine heroes.

Downbelow’s dive guides found an illegally dumped net within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, a protected area and also the location of our PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre.

However, different to the ones we’ve encountered before, this net is simply one of the longest yet, it was simply a monster net and a giant killing machine.

So resident PADI Course Director Richard Swann quickly called up the trainees and interns, in addition to Downbelow’s staff to join forces and tackle the monster.

First everyone sat through a detailed briefing on how to remove the net and also to ensure everyone’s safety. After everyone understood the plan, the team then set off to battle.

Even with the choppy sea due to the rain, our team won!

Sadly though some marine life has perished but at the same time, we also saved many that were trapped in the net.

However our objective of removing the net from the seabed was met and the corals can breathe again.

We don’t want to see any nets at the bottom of the sea sadly this does happen so it was a good experience for our Divemaster trainees and IDC interns as they got to learn first-hand on the correct and safe way of removing nets entangled with corals.

The trainees and interns were privileged to experience the net removal which they will bring to their professional careers.

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