Downbelow Trainees & Interns Benefit Getting Involved in our Conservation Work


Besides our passion for teaching, we are also very passionate on conservation and protecting our beloved Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.

For our trainees and interns, they greatly benefit from these passions because aside from adding to their knowledge and strive towards professional qualification from our classes, they also witness first hand how they can help nature and make immediate impact by getting involved in our conservation work.

One such activity is the removal of illegally dumped fishing nets within the park.

Downbelow Managing Director and PADI Platinum Course Director Richard Swann assembled a team of 11 divers comprising of our staff & GoPro interns after a ghostnet was sighted on one of the most popular reefs in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. After a quick but detailed briefing, the team managed to remove the threat from the ocean floor and also released many live creatures that were trapped in the silent killing machine.

Ever since Downbelow setup their dive centre on Gaya Island, we have been actively removing any sighted or reported ghostnets to stop these threats immediately. To date we have removed more than a 100 ghostnets from the park.

We hope that one day these ghostnets will finally be stopped but as they are still happening, we make it a point to get our interns involved to spread the message of conservation and instill a sense of responsibility within them.

Join our team of conservation superheroes? Contact us today. We have a range of Go Pro courses to choose from.

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