Divemaster Trainee Understands Conservation Needs Everyone’s Contribution

Our PADI 5-Star IDC Dive Centre is a world class Dive Education Centre, we love teaching and it helps that diving is our passion.

Apart from sharing knowledge and teaching diving skills, another important area that we stress upon to new divers and instructors is conservation. To show that we practise what we preach, our company practises responsible tourism and leads the way in removing illegal fishing nets within our protected marine park. For the past few years, we have removed more than a hundred illegal fishing nets from the seabed to keep them from harming the corals and other marine animals.

Our dive instructors and trainees understand that these responsibilities rest on everyone’s shoulder so it is good to know that two of our boys removed a small fishing net that they found within the park while they were fun diving on their day off. Even though the net was small it still caught a few crabs and fish which were quickly removed & set free.

So to Mohd Fauzi a.k.a. Pablo and local Divemaster trainee Kerry, excellent work!

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