Divemaster Does Shark Conservation Speciality in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Big Shark Shout Out Week is halfway through and Downbelow is pushing hard as ever.

Joining the good fight is Divemaster Tim who added the AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality to the Nitrox course that he’s doing with us today.

Divemaster Tim is in the very capable hands of Downbelow’s newest AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality Instructor James.

James is part of Downbelow’s Go Pro Team and usually occupies himself with our interns, but is taking a special time out to do a Big Shark Shout Out and teach Tim the distinct speciality course.

Chalk one up for the sharks!

Big Shark Shout Out week runs until 23 October. If you’re not up to speed about Big Shark Shout Out week, what it’s for and how you can get involved, check our post from Saturday.


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