Professional Intern Joe Does it for Sharks on Gaya Island, Sabah

It’s Big Shark Shout Out Week next week from 15 – 23 October.

What is it? Big Shark Shout Out Week is an an opportunity for divers all around the world to rally to protect sharks before it’s too late.

Always having sharks on our mind, Downbelow never rests, and we are always fishing for signatures for Project AWARE’s Give Sharks a Chance petition.

Intern Joe (right) does it for sharksWe’ve amped up our ocean awareness programs too, and now include Project AWARE conservation education sessions with all our group itineraries.

Even our professional Scuba diving interns are getting into the swing of things and they’ve recently participated in our Project AWARE events, education sessions and snorkeling sessions.

Master Scuba Instructor Trainer Intern Joe also got in on the action and was spotted this week shouting out loud for sharks.

Joe collected more petition signatures from divers at our dive centre this week to add to our tally which is over 900 so far.

Joe’s enthusiasm is well timed to raise awareness of Project AWARE’s Big Shark Shout Out week too.

Have you signed up to shout for sharks? Sign your name to the Shark Alliance AND the Give Sharks a Chance petition now!

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