Pro Interns in Kota Kinabalu Complete 7 Speciality Instructor Courses

Steve (far right) doing the Aware Shark Conservation Speciality presentation for Richard (left) and SevketSteve and Sevket stayed behind after successfully completing their Instructor Development Course and passing their Instructor Exams for more PADI action.

Since then, resident PADI Course Director Richard Swann and our 2 hard-working interns have gone through and completed no less than 7 speciality instructor courses, making them both highly qualified instructors.

One of the speciality courses in particular is close to PADI Course Director Richard and Steve’s heart – the AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality.

As you may remember from our AWARE Shark Conservation post 2 month ago, Richard became the first ever AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality Instructor and Instructor Trainer, and Steve, together with his friend Joseph, were the combined 1st ever AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality divers certified.

It was then fitting that Steve, this time with Sevket, became Shark Conservation Speciality Instructors under Richard’s guidance.

In fact, Richard donated his time and taught this particular speciality for free. The 2 instructors only had to pay the PADI fees, which are directly transferred – in full – to Project AWARE anyway, meaning everyone’s a winner.

Said Richard “I felt strongly that they will teach many others if they get this qualification.”

In the fight to survival, sharks needs as many educated divers as possible to fight for their cause, and thanks to Richard, Steve and Sevket can now go out and spread the shark gospel.

Well done to the new PADI OWSI’s for achieving so many new qualifications so quickly!

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