New Divemaster Interns joins Downbelow in Sabah, Borneo

Takeshi and Weijia going over the divemaster internships with resident PADI Course Director RichardMeet Takeshi and Weijia, two new recruits about to join our professional 1 Month Divemaster Internship at tour Gaya Island dive centre in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Part of the prerequisites of joining the 1 Month Divemaster Internship is to have a Rescue Diver qualification, and soon-to-be-intern Takeshi lacked this particular qualification.

But no problem, we simply put him on a Rescue Diver course and took care of that before he officially joined the internship.

Weijia on the other hand, already a Rescue Diver, was shy a few dives of the minimum requirements for the Divemaster internship.

So while Takeshi was studying towards gaining his Rescue Diver qualification, Weijia took to the water for a slew of recreational dives, which is free as part of the 1 Month Divemaster Internship by the way, and started logging the dives he needed.

Our 1 Month Divemaster Internship program is quite popular here in Sabah, Borneo and the word of its quality and value for money is fast being noticed by recreational divers wanting to make the transition to becoming professional divers.

Becoming a Divemaster is the entry into the professional realm, after which eager pros start working towards becoming fully fledged PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors OWSI.

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