Local Divemaster Intern Kicks off with Shark Knowledge in Sabah, Borneo

Resident Course Director Richard Swann assisting Clarence (on the right) to show his commitment to sharksNew local divemaster intern Clarence joins Downbelow’s local internship program and kicks off with some practical shark knowledge.

From our blogs you will know that we’ve fully embraced Project AWARE’s shark initiatives this year.

Our AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality, for instance, is just one of the tools we’ve used to perpetuate awareness and education of the issue.

Links on our website also helped, but our face to face chat with our diving customers have been most effective.

That’s why resident PADI Course Director Richard Swann decided that our local future diving professionals should build their entire career on knowledge about shark and marine conservations.

This is why when young Clarence joined the program the first thing Richard did was bring him up to speed about sharks and the challenges they face.

Clarence embraced his new knowledge and after signing the petition himself, chatted to some of our guests, gaining their support and bumping up our shark petition signature count to 1,080 for the year.

We hope that with continued education of the grass roots and future diving instructors, sharks will have a brighter future in 2012.

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