Interns Gain Coral Reef Conservation Speciality Experience

The Danish Group with Richard Presenting the Coral Reef Conservation SpecialityOur group itineraries will now include the Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Speciality here at Downbelow.

We’ve decided to include the speciality to educate our groups on the state of our oceans.

As users of this precious resource, it’s everyone’s responsibility to be aware of it’s health and what we can do to maintain and improve it.

The first group to benefit from this new module is the group of 22 Danish adventurers that we had on the island with us recently.

Our resident PADI Course Director Richard conducted the Coral Reef Conservation Speciality for them.

Heading to the reefs to see the environment we should protectThey learned interesting info and facts about reefs, such as how they are formed and what threats reefs face and the important role the Project AWARE Foundation play in preserving reefs and our oceans.

Taking advantage of opportunity to gain more experience, our professional diving interns Paul and Joe observed Richard doing his thing.

They also assisted with the logistic for the skin diving session after the presentation and helped our group experience the environment they had just learned about.

At the end of the day the whole group gained the Coral Reef Conservation Speciality rating, which they can also use to eventually gain the Master Scuba Diver rating.

Intern Paul was roped in to explain a bit more about the Project AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Speciality…


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