Gaining Experience as a new Instructor at Downbelow in Kota Kinabalu

Kim conducts a Discover Scuba Diving experience with seasoned instructor Cyril keeping an eye

Kimberly successfully qualified as Open Water Scuba Instructor with Downbelow during the recently complete May IDC.

Now all she can do to maximize her employability when she sets off into yonder is gain experience.

Luckily Downbelow’s got her covered, as our Pro interns get exactly this opportunity; to gain experience. And because we dive everyday, there’s plenty of experience to be had.

Just this week Kim, under supervision of experienced instructor Cyril, helped take care of a group from China who was with Downbelow to do Discover Scuba Diving.

By working hard and grabbing all the opportunities available, Kim will be an experienced PADI OWSI in no time.

Get in touch and let Downbelow help you too live the diving dream.

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