Professional Divemaster Internship Successful in Borneo, Malaysia

Our successfull professional Divemaster intern in Borneo, MalaysiaDownbelow graduated another successful Divemaster from our professional Divemaster internship in Borneo Malaysia recently.

Joining us from the US, Alicen spent a month with us on Gaya Island off Kota Kinabalu at our PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre there.

Through the guidance from our Go Pro IDC Team and her dedication, Alicen embraced life in Borneo, Malaysia, put shoulder to wheel and emerged a qualified PADI Divemaster, ready for life as a diving professional.

Downbelow’s Director and Master Instructor Joanne had the pleasure of being her qualifying instructor. She was there to hand over Alicen’s certificate after she qualified at our beach house Dive Centre on Gaya Island.

For novice divers starting from scratch to become PADI professionals, our internship programs in Borneo, Malaysia provide knowledge & experience.

The result is a professional SCUBA diver who is ready for immediate employment, because they have real-world, and not simulated, experience with real clients.

Find out more about our professional SCUBA internships, and then email us to start living the diving dream and Go Pro with Downbelow.


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