Danish Scuba Diving Intern Helps Out With Adventure Group from Denmark

Our Intern from Denmark is helping out with the Danish adventure group

Life has come a full-circle of sorts for Downbelow’s international intern from Denmark, Sara Dooleweerdt.

Sara, who is on a Divemaster internship with us since January, was part of an adventure group from Denmark that visited us last year September / October.

The next batch of Danish adventurers, having the same adventure that Sara did, has joined us for a February / March adventure.

They start of by learning to scuba dive and who better to help out with logistic than Sara herself?

Having been through the entire adventure already, Sara is perfect for helping out and giving the Danes some insight into what to expect, especially from the 5 day Crocker Range jungle trekking challenge.

Meanwhile, as a divemaster with nearly 2 months of skills development and experience under her belt, Sara is also perfect for helping out with snorkeling safaris and moving the troops about on the island.

We’re sure that having Danish Sara around is making our adventure group feel more at home in wild and untamed Sabah, Borneo.

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