Search & Recovery Dive with Divemaster on Gaya Island

Fresh back from his Honeymoon, our PADI IDC Staff Instructor James got right back into the swing of things.

The newlywed James on the left with handsome-and-single Cyril and Divemaster Intern Nigel.

As fast as you can say newlyweds, James had rounded up Divemaster Intern Nigel and Instructor Cyril for a Search & Recovery dive as part for Nigel’s Divemaster Course.

The Search & Recovery dive deals with the skills required to first find an object, usually something of inconvenient weight, and secondly returning that object to the surface using a special, inflatable bag.

The dive went off without a hitch and, by all accounts, Divemaster Intern Nigel is making swift progress towards his PADI Divemaster qualification here on Gaya Island.

Search & Recovery Dive with Divemaster on Gaya Island
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