Instructor Roy Teaches Divemaster Interns in Sabah, Borneo

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor OWSI Roy have been busy with the training of our Divemaster interns here in Sabah, Borneo.

Jeff, local Sabahan divemaster intern and Nigel, one of our international interns are benefiting from Roy’s experience at Downbelow’s dive centre, with resident PADI Course Director Richard overseeing it all.

Jeff is about halfway through his first year of his local divemaster internship, so he will do much of his course with Nigel.

This gels with one of our original concepts, which encourages different cultures to meet and learn together along with forging friendships between our local staff and international interns.

Our local interns benefit from language practice as they share time and experiences with longer staying international interns, who in turn get to know more about the local culture and languages foreign to them.

One of the exercises our divemasters have to perfect is a problem solving exercise, which calls on them to exchange all equipment while buddy breathing from a single air source.

Called sharing air, one reg is used between both divers. In the video Bob oversees and evaluates the skill on dry land to ensuring safety, before they take to the water to do it for real.


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