Asia-based PADI Divemaster Interns Underwent Equipment Exchange Training


A very valuable training module in the PADI Divemaster course is the underwater equipment exchange where a pair of interns are tasked to exchange all of their diving equipment except for their weight belt and exposure suit.

They will face problems especially when it comes to exchanging their masks, fins and BCD.

For our PADI Divemaster interns Rhys and Amylia (pic above), who underwent this training with Downbelow instructor Lawrencius Jaulit aka Timtam, this is where their problem-solving skills are observed and scored.

This training will give them the preparation and confidence when dealing with unexpected problems and unique underwater situations which they will come across at some point when they have become scuba diving professionals.

Contact us if you would like to work in the scuba diving industry. We can mould you into a confident and fully prepared dive professional at our PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre with the help of our Go Pro team members, led by PADI Platinum Course Director Richard Swann.

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