Unlimited Diving for PADI IDC Candidates with Downbelow


Downbelow PADI dive instructor Along guiding our DK Adventurers on their open water dives on a beautiful day in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Borneo. The danes are part of a 16-person group and they are here for a week to complete the PADI Open Water course while enjoying the warm weather.

Assisting him is Downbelow’s PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) May candidate Outi who is eyeing to become a dive instructor like Along. She is currently on the right path as Along too completed his PADI IDC with Downbelow earlier this year.

Choosing to complete your PADI IDC with Downbelow in Borneo will be the best decision you will ever make as you start your professional diving career. Our PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre is located on a tropical island just 10 minutes boat ride away. So you can be diving in the warm waters of Borneo during the daytime and by nighttime you can be shopping or go out having a drink with friends in the city!

We also offer unlimited diving and we dive everyday! Our candidates can go diving and improve their skills as many times as they need. Our dive centre also handle daily leisure divers so you will not find yourself without anything to do as you can lend a hand to our dive instructors at the same time gaining knowledge and experience as a diver.

Email us today and we can get you sign up for our next PADI IDC in Asia. You can check our PADI IDC classes for this year to fit in with your schedule.

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