Interns Become Shark Conservation Speciality Instructors in Sabah, Borneo

A couple of days ago we told you that our resident PADI Course Director Richard became PADI’s first Shark Conservation Speciality instructor and instructor trainer.

He hasn’t sat still since.

Left to right - Course Director Richard, Pro Intern Paul, IDC Staff Instructor James and Pro Intern Joe

From the link above you will know that Richard trained Steve and Joseph, who became the first divers qualified in the speciality.

After the latest round of shark education we now have 3 Shark Conservation Speciality Instructors on deck.

They are our 2 interns Paul & Joe, both recently qualified PADI OWSI now working towards PADI Master Scuba Diver Instructor MSDT, and James, Downbelow’s IDC Staff Instructor and Assistant Base-leader.

Thanks for supporting the Project AWARE cause, boys!

Joe and Paul took the course in addition to the 5 other speciality courses they are working on for their MSDT.

Having a range of speciality courses to teach is beneficial for our interns, as they can offer variety of options to meet the interests of prospective dive students.

To qualify as a MSDT, candidates need to qualify 25 of their own speciality course students.

Come give our new Shark Conservation Speciality instructors a try and shout for sharks with your very own shark speciality.

To celebrate sharks and Big Shark Shout Out Week, Downbelow’s guests can add the Shark Conservation Speciality to their diving day and pay only the qualification fees (RM180) extra.

Drop us an email for more information.

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