Deep Dive Scenario for Kota Kinabalu Professional Scuba Interns

From left: Interns Tiago and Paul with PADI IDC Staff Instructor James following their Deep Dive scenario

Downbelow’s PADI IDC Staff Instructor James was busy yesterday taking our professional diving intern through their paces.

Tiago, professional intern on our Divemaster course, and Paul, Instructor Development Course candidate, are feverishly preparing for the Divemaster exam and IDC respectively, both of which is now slightly more than 1 week away.

James guided Tiago from Portugal and Paul from England through the Deep Dive Scenario.

The Deep Dive Scenario prepares our interns for the hazards that come with diving deep, and teaches the skills needed for various scenarios that might be encountered as this depth, such as navigating at depth.

Under the guidance of Downbelow’s Go Pro Team, our interns confidently dealt with the Deep Dive Scenario and now look forward to more prep for the Divemaster exam and IDC to come.

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