Sara Chalks Up 100th Dive with Downbelow in Sabah, Borneo

Sara chalks up her 100th dive... as a cat. Meow!

Crazy adventurous Danish diver Sara has just chalked up her 100th dive with Downbelow in Sabah, Borneo.

Last year, in October, Sara first visited Downbelow when she was part of one of the Danish adventure groups regularly host. It was then that she learned to scuba dive.

So much did she like diving that she decided to return.

A few months later Sara was back, as professional scuba diving intern. Since then she’s done some diving.

As Downbelow’s Pro Scuba Intern, Sara gets unlimited diving with the only restriction being how much bottom time she has left.

Clearly she had maximised her diving time, because this week she dived her 100th dive and went to great pains to make it a memorable one. We’re still wondering why that cat theme…

Congrats Sara, may there be many 100s more!

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