Instructor Development Course Intern Gains EFR Instructor Experience

Pro Intern Maija left assisting Downbelow's Liz on the far right, with the Rescue Diver and EFR Course

Former intern and Downbelow Instructor Liz street was conducting a Rescue Diver and Instructor course yesterday, and had September IDC Intern Maija on hand to assist.

The major benefit of arriving far in advance of the Instructor Development Course is experience.

Downbelow is a pretty busy dive centre and we do dive everyday, so our Interns have loads of opportunity to gain all sorts of experience that will be relevant to their IDCs.

They just have to grab them.

And grab is exactly what IDC Intern Maija did yesterday when the opportunity to assist Liz presented itself. Liz was conducting a Rescue Diver Course and an EFR course.

Maija got to play the victim during the EFR role play – an educational experience of note.

The weekend looks like it’s going to be great weather for diving, so expect to humming again.

Bring on those opportunities and grab, interns, grab.

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