IDC Candidate Increases Group Experience

Sara checking-in divers from the group as they come off the boat to ensure everyone is accounted forCurrently a PADI Divemaster, Sara has become a Instructor Development Course candidate, who will be joining our next IDC in May.

Meanwhile, her professional scuba diving internship here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah continues, and there is still much to learn and as much experience to gain.

A particular facet of the dive industry, one that will make her very sought after for future employment, is the ability to facilitate groups at high quality and safety standards.

Accommodating groups are not as simple as getting them in and herding them around.

To satisfy potential clients who only want the best for their groups, Downbelow has to illustrate and implement stringent safety measures and cross-checks, to ensure that all participants are safe and accounted for at all times.

This includes, but is not limited to risk assessments, staff training, contingency plans and a rigorous equipment service schedule.

It is experience with these procedures and implementations that Sara is gaining during her professional internship with Downbelow, which will allow her to successfully take care of groups in her future professional career.

All this while still having fun too, of course. After all, multi-tasking is a skill too.

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