Interns Learn About Project AWARE Events

IDC Intern Luke (on the left) and Divemaster Intern Insa (in the back), working with Hyatt Regency Kinabalu's staff to help rid the beach of marine debris.

When Downbelow teamed up with Hyatt Regency Kinabalu for a beach cleanup recently, our interns whole-heartedly jumped in to help out.

Many divers are drawn to scuba diving by nature’s underwater beauty. As professional scuba divers it’s the obsession with our passion that drives us to teach scuba diving to others to enable them to share our passion.

It’s then little wonder to discover that environmental awareness, activism and education is a core and vital part of the business of being a diver – preserving the environment the good of our planet, for our pleasure and our business.

This is something our Marine Biologist and environmental fanatic resident PADI Course Director, Richard, incorporates when teaching scuba pros.

This week’s beach cleanup was therefor the perfect introduction for our Go Pro interns to Project AWARE events, how it’s run and why its important.

Staff from the Hyatt Regency Kinabalu joined us on Gaya island and together with Downbelow, we teamed up with local park’s authority, Sabah Parks, and tackled the beaches around the dive centre, which are prone to marine debris.

Our interns observed Richard giving the briefing, explaining about the origins of marine debris and offer sage advice for tackling the problem of ocean trash even before it hits the water.

The whole gang of volunteers then hit the beaches to collect a substantial amount of trash, which once again was made up almost entirely of plastics.

We believe events like these impact the people who participate in them and educates them to what happens to rubbish once it leaves their hands. Through Project AWARE events the general public indeed becomes aware of the impact of their actions on the oceans.

Hopefully our inters will apply the knowledge they gained today in their future as professional divers and join the fight against marine debris, because together we are making a difference.

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