Underwater Net Removal Experience for Pro Diving Intern Sam

IDC Candidate and Professional Intern Sam on site, releasing the coral reef from the entangled netA clean-up event is vital experience for any would-be diving instructor, because – amongst other benefits – gives first hand experience to reference when teaching environmental modules to students.

One such future scuba instructor is our professional intern Samantha, who has been with us for a couple of weeks and will be for a few months more.

During a recent pleasure dive, Instructor Paul spotted a net entangling a reef, which is how Sam got the first opportunity to gain practical net removing experience.

Resident PADI Course Director Richard usually heads the net removal squad, but as he was busy with the January IDC, he put Paul in charge of organising it.

Paul rounded up Instructor Tim Tam, local interns Vic and Jeff and IDC Candidate and Intern Sam.

Together they quickly freed the reef of the net menace, which was widely spread and floating up in the water in places.

Thankfully the net was removed with minimal damage to the reef and marine life.

Sam is sure to benefit from her experience, especially when she eventually qualifies for the Project AWARE Corel Reef Conservation Speciality.

There are more photos of the net removal in our conservation photo albums.

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