Happy Big Shark Shout Out Week!

Today is the start of Big Shark Shout Out Week! It’s your chance to stand up and rally for sharks.

Downbelow's Tim Tam supports Big Shark Shout Out Week with signatures for the Shark petition from our Chinese guestsBig Shark Shout Out Week is a special push by divers worldwide to voice out for shark protection that needs numbers to be effective.

Collectively we have a loud voice that can change policies to manage the main shark threats: overfishing, bycatch and finning.

But talk is cheap, what actions can you take during Big Shark Shout Out week?

  1. Sign both the petitions for shark protection: Shark Alliance’s Unfinished Business and Project AWARE’s Give Sharks a Chance;
  2. Take the AWARE Shark Conservation Speciality course to get the knowledge and tools you need to perpetuate action for shark protection;
  3. Spread awareness with a PicBage showing your support for the cause and, while you’re there, invite your friends;
  4. Add the Shark Petition Widget to your website and ask people to use it to sign their name to the petition;
  5. If you have a Facebook page (not a profile, a page) then you can add the Take Action Now Facebook App as a tab to that page;
  6. Arrange a local Big Shark Shout Out event or fundraiser;
  7. Write a blog about Big Shark Shout Out Week and what action your readers can take to help sharks;
Do it for sharks during Big Shark Shout Out Week!
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