Pro Interns Help Out Removing Discarded Net from Park

Downbelow and interns dislodges illegal net from the marine park in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

A few of our international and local interns got some illegal net removing action this week as they joined resident PADI Course Director and the Downbelow staff on a Project AWARE mission.

Constantly on a mission of saving the precious marine park and underwater play-ground on scuba divers everywhere, Downbelow regularly embarks on missions to clean up our surroundings.

So it was recently that after a stuck, illegal net was discovered, the Downbelow team once again sprang into action.

After clearance form the relevant authorities, PADI Course Director Richard assembled and brief a staff team, which included our local and international interns.

Needless to say, they made short work of the extensive net, freeing some live critters and the reef from sure suffocation.

Our interns gained valuable experience from the excursion, which will contribute to their AWARE qualifications and help make them professionals who care.

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