New PADI Instructor Gains Experience during Internship

Mr. Chan and happy PADI OWSI Nena after the Discover Scuba Diving course

One of our recently qualified PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors, Nena, is still with Downbelow completing her internship. She took her first student under her wing yesterday.

Nena was part of our very loud and very triumphant group of IDC candidates earlier this month, and post qualification she stayed on at our dive centre on Gaya island, completing the rest of her professional internship as an actual professional.

Mr. Chan on the other hand, was with Downbelow yesterday for a Discover Scuba Diving experience and had the pleasure of being Nena’s first student.

“Needless to say,” said resident PADI Course Director Ricard Swann who weren’t far away from the action, “Mr. Chan had an awesome day.”

Indeed, after a day of fun in the sun and water and having discovered scuba diving, both instructor and student were beaming with smiles.

Not wanting to lose our IDC momentum, our November PADI IDC is already half filled. But wanting to continue the great atmosphere and cross-learning experience of our September IDC, we are looking for the full complement of 8 students.

If you are or will be in Sabah, Borneo and plan to take your dive qualification to the Instructor level, then why not join us for the November IDC?

The November PADI IDC runs from 8 – 19 November and ends with the PADI Instructor Exam on 20 & 21 November.

Drop us an email or stop by our offices and let’s discuss your professional diving career and how we can help you realise the diving dream.

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