Start Your Career as a Professional Dive Instructor with Downbelow Today


Our May 2014 PADI IDC candidates all happy and cannott wait to get into the water during their first in-water day at our PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre, Borneo Asia.

Guiding them is Platinum PADI Course Director Richard Swann helped by GoPro team members Timtam and Wellson who are the happiest at this time of the year as they are able to share their knowledge and nurture new dive instructors.

During the IDC course the candidates will attend various curriculum as defined by the PADI System of Education and also practise giving presentations on skills and dive courses. The one-month IDC internship program by Downbelow will transform the candidates through fun interactions with their peers and their instructors as they start networking with fellow dive professionals.

With unlimited diving, island-based dive centre yet close to the city, perfect sunny days, friendly faces and fun all around – the one month will pass by so fast soon it will be PADI Instructors Exam (IE) already!

Do you have the calling to be a dive instructor deep inside of you? If you love diving and love teaching, then call us today and we will help you to discover your potential!

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