September Instructor Development Course in Sabah, Malaysia

The Class of September 2012 hitting the books and getting on with the business of becoming PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors.

As predicted our Instructor Development Course started a little earlier than advertised, but the nearly full class of IDC candidates are quite happy in Sabah, Malaysia.

The extra time will give our candidates a confidence boost when the PADI IE comes around.

By getting down and dirty with the new knowledge and skills our IDC candidates have to acquire, they give themselves more opportunity to practice and make it second nature.

The first few days they’ve already spent here at Downbelow’s HQ in KK Times Square in Kota Kinabalu, where they’ve been introduced to the IDC process and had their first few modules presented.

Speaking about presenting, it’s one of the skills a future instructor should possess. A large chunk of teaching is presenting and therefore the skill, together with the knowledge that will be presented, needs practice and polish to ensure it’s very effective.

It seems our current batch of IDC candidates have the gift of the gab, so the talk part isn’t a big deal.

We look forward to see the progress of our candidates as resident PADI Course Director Richard and his Go Pro team turns the greenhorns into hardcore PADI Instructors.

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