Pro Interns Get Project AWARE Debris Removal Experience

The group of professional diving interns in Net Removal Mode with resident PADI Course Director Richard 3rd from the right.

Our interns were in the water this week helping to restore the marine environment by getting rid of an illegally used net that got snagged on one of the reefs in the TAR Park.

Our resident PADI Course Director, Richard Swann, lead the charge with a thorough briefing of the interns. A tricky mission like this needs good planning and a cautious approach.

The conservation-minded diving interns assembled as a well-oiled team, descended the depths to the ocean fiend and got to work, steady and carefully cutting the net down to size.

From there it was raised to the surface for transport by boat and proper disposal.

“We hope,” said Richard after successfully ridding the marine park of the net, “the experience that our interns gain will assist them in future.”

“The ocean needs all the help it can get” he added.

In deed, as destructive as these nets are when they get caught in the corals, as useful are they for real-world training and first hand experience of exactly the kind of thing Project AWARE is combatting.

Through misfortunes like these we are able to equip tomorrow’s diving professionals with the experience they need to successfully combat this kind of thing in future.

To see more, visit the net removal pictures in our album on Facebook.

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