Moving forward with eLearning!


eLearning is fast becoming a popular route for student divers to fulfill the dive theory requirements of their PADI course and there is a bounty of benefits to the modern learning method.

It’s faster, user-friendly and very flexible for the student to complete during their busy lives. It’s an environmentally friendly method of learning too and an approach that resonates with PADI and their partner Project AWARE’s mission to raise awareness of care for the environment.

PADI Instructors’ are required by PADI Standards to conduct a review session of their student divers’ knowledge of dive theory if they have completed eLearning. If an Instructor Development Course (IDC) candidate has completed eLearning, their knowledge base will be tested when they attempt to pass their first performance requirement of the dive theory and PADI Standards and Procedures exams. Any misunderstanding will then be reviewed between the IDC candidate and one of the members of our Go PRO team during a session of theory workshops we conduct at our classroom facilities.

Get in touch with one of our Head Office members of staff for more information on the IDC and how we integrate it into one of our successful Go PRO internship programs!

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