Kota Kinabalu IDC Candidate Jake Swaps Diving Fun for Dive Theory Fun

Jake looking slightly distressed. His idea of fun had more to do with water than paper. But no interns were harmed during this photo shoot. He was significantly happier when he turned around and saw the view.

When new intern Jake Yueng got to Downbelow’s PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Station on Gaya Island, he thought he was going to have a fun day diving. Richard had other ideas.

It’s true that our interns get free, unlimited diving and that usually the only restriction is bottom time.

However, resident PADI Course Director Richard is in the habit of producing top-flight, knowledgable instructors, and when the Instructor Development Course is mere days away, dive-theory-fun outranks diving-fun.

So, in lieu of fun diving Richard treated Jake to a fun day of theory exams instead. “It’s a close 2nd”, was Richard’s argument.

It wasn’t entirely un-fun for Jake though. He did get to study theory in the classroom with the best view in Sabah; the front deck of the dive centre.

The February PADI Instructor Development Course starts this Saturday, but check out the schedule for the next PADI IDC and join our growing intern family to Go Pro with Downbelow.

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