Interns Preparing for Sabah, Borneo’s Next PADI IDC

Instructor Development Course candidate and intern Roy studying hardWith Sabah, Borneo’s next PADI Instructor Development Course IDC literally a day away, our IDC interns are hard at work getting to grips with the knowledge that they will be tested on soon.

Roy, one of our Instructor interns that joined us recently, is in the thick of things preparing for the Instructor Development Course starting tomorrow.

Pictured, Roy took the opportunity during a surface interval to do a mock physics exam, similar to what he will encounter during the Instructor Examination.

Between taking advantage of the unlimited diving available to our professional scuba diving interns, knowledge reviews and exam preparation, the run-up to the start of the IDC is anything but dull.

Keep an eye on the blog for the trails and tribulations of our Instructor Development Course IDC candidates and watch us pass them all to maintain our 100% success rate in Sabah, Borneo.

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