Intern Parting Gift: AWARE Shark Conservation Instructors

Resident Course Director Richard Swann with Shark AWARE Instructors Lynette and Sam

Our Instructor Interns wound up their professional internship with Downbelow yesterday, but the day before Richard had a parting gift for them…

As many shark species are staring the threat of extinction in the face, Downbelow – lead by Project AWARE – is stepping up awareness of the threat that is putting sharks at risk and the steps needed to protect them.

Every one of our divers are made aware of the destruction of shark finning and the problem of sharks as by-catch.

We believe that if everyone we make aware go out and make just a few other people aware, the network effect would be vast and powerful.

To this end our resident PADI Course Director Richard Swann donated his time to qualify both Sam and Lynnette as AWARE Shark Conservation Instructors.

Now both ladies can fight the good fight on behalf of sharks and spread the important message to make people aware of both shark population problems and solutions.

Go teach it, ladies!

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