IDC in Kota Kinabalu Pauses for Whale Shark Excitement

Richard gives a whale shark presentation during the lunch break at the dive centreIt wasn’t a grand entrance, but when Instructor Wellson and his 2 fun-diving guests walked up to the dive centre with peculiar, wide grins on their faces, everyone just sort of paused.

The January Instructor Development Course is in full swing, but the candidates needed a break anyway – so when Wellson announced the spotting of whale sharks again, there was a flurry of excitement.

We reported a whale shark sighting in Kota Kinabalu earlier this week, so it was doubly  pleasing to hear about the second whale shark sighting near Downbelow’s dive centre on Gaya Island.

Inspired by the excitement, Richard, our resident PADI Course Director and avid marine biologist, treated everyone to a whale shark short film and the benefit of his whale shark knowledge during the lunchtime surface interval.

As the divers returned for their 3rd dive after lunch to try their luck again, the IDC candidates settled down to more instructor development, inevitably thinking about the next opportunity to go whale shark diving.

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