IDC Candidates Move on to Discover Scuba Diving Workshop

Steve on the left and Shevy on the right presents a Discover Scuba Diving course to IDC Staff Instructor James in the front. All part of the IDCPADI Open Water Scuba Instructors lead a life of teaching non-divers how to dive.

Normally the beginner Open Water course takes 3 or 4 days, but sometimes, for whatever reason, prospective students might only have 1 day to get acquainted with diving.

Enter Discover Scuba Diving.

It’s a 1 day course that the PADI Instructor can teach to students who want to experience the thrills for diving, without having enough time for a full qualification.

It is therefore little wonder that a Discover Scuba Diving workshop is part of the Instructor Development Course, which is what our IDC candidates were up to recently as they charge towards the PADI IE exam.

Steve and Shevy learned about how Discover Scuba Diving involves teaching and practicing the required skills, that DSD dives are limited to 12m and that instructors always stay very close to their DSD students.

Sure to feature in the upcoming PADI Instructor Exam, the IDC candidates were well enthusiastic about presenting the DSD workshop.

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