Happy divers make good divers!


The awesome team of PADI professionals, based at our premier PADI 5 Star IDC beach house, always makes time to have fun because they work hard to provide the high standard of quality dive education for our clients!

PADI Instructors are expected to be professional because a student diver is very impressionable to the influence of their dive educator. Everyone responds to learning if there’s a level of entertainment and it’s the responsibility of the PADI Instructor to be a good influence.

Past candidates of the Instructor Development Courses (IDC) on our Go PRO internship programs will agree on the content of a particular presentation delivered, informing that the business of dive education is one of ‘transformation’.

The meaning of ‘transformation’ in this context is referring to the candidates’ development from recreational to professional diver, but this applies to their student divers in their future career!

A team of PADI Instructor Trainers, the Go PRO team, counsels IDC candidates to develop instructional skills to become confident and independent. Thereafter, the candidates will impart these values to their own student diver, and ‘transform’ them!

For further details on the Go PRO internship programs to include professional dive training, contact one of our friendly and helpful Head Office staff to arrange a suitable schedule to ‘transform’ you to become a Go PRO diver and live the diving dream in Borneo!

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