Divemasters, IDC and Local Interns Team Up

PADI Course Director, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Divemaster Inerns and IDC Intern all togetherWe had an awesome knowledge circle going at the dive centre when our various interns sat together to sponge of each others’ experiences.

Our Resident PADI Course Director Richard was overseeing the learning frenzy, just to make sure everybody stayed on course.

Present was Bob, a.k.a. Alvin, one of our local Master Scuba Diver Trainers, whose next stop is IDC Staff Instructor. Under Richard’s guidance he is getting the necessary experience he needs to qualify for this next level in professional scuba diving.

Bob was leading divemaster interns Takeshi and Weijia in skills evaluation and equipment exchange, which they need to achieve their goals as divemasters.

Sitting in, to refresh current knowledge and gain more experience, was Roy, who is one of our new interns. He is here for the next Instructor Development Course IDC, which is starting next week.

Sessions like these tie in nicely with our philosophy of Team Teaching, which give interns the benefit of constant opportunities to improve their knowledge and sharpen their skills from multiple sources.

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