Discover Scuba Diving Briefing 3 Days before Instructor Exam

Resident PADI Course Director Richard briefs the IDC candidates during the DSD workshop

Three days before the impeding Instructor Exam our IDC candidates did the Discover Scuba Diving workshop.

The Discover Scuba Diving program allows uncertified divers to experience the underwater immediately without qualifying.

It is part and parcel of being an Open Water Scuba Instructor OWSI to afford the curious the opportunity to try scuba before they buy, as such, which is why Discover Scuba Diving is part of the Instructor Development Course.

Paul has a go at the Discover Scuba Diving briefing

For the uncertified to dive like this is, of course, only possible with a certified Open Water Scuba Instructor by their side.

It can only follow a thorough briefing of the essential skills.

Our resident PADI Course Director Richard conducted the initial briefing of our IDC candidates, before Instructor Tim Tam acted as a student for the two candidates to practice on.


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