Candidates Prepare for IDC Academic Presentations Sabah, Borneo

Roy & Paul Planning their strategies for their academic presentationsOur PADI IDC Instructor Development Course candidates in Sabah, Borneo have been busy preparing for academic presentations that they eventually will deliver to new divers.

As a PADI OWSI Open Water Scuba Instructor, successful information transfer is vital to the scuba diving student acquiring the knowledge and skills required to become an open water scuba diver.

There are various way in which an instructor will do this; demonstrations, practical participation and presentations of the necessary information.

A classroom setup at the dive centre for the candidates to plan their presentationsThe presentations relay important information about various aspects of diving and it is important that they are done effectively.  Practicing giving them are thus essential to making them good.

Under the guidance of our resident PADI Course Director Richard, our candidates Roy and Paul are learning the correct way to give these presentations.  Soon they will have to present on their own to demonstrate their ability and Richard will evaluate their progress and give feedback as appropriate.

During the PADI IE Instructor Exam, they will be tested on this skill.

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