Guarding the Ocean for the Benefit of the Marine Animals and Divers Alike


The Downbelow team has found another Ghostnet in our beloved Tunku Abdul Rahman Park and they promptly removed it.

The net was still new when it was found and was sitting down on the reef at the depth of 12m and 80 meter long.

Sadly by the time we got there a Bar Tail Moray Eel was already caught dead. Also trapped were parrot fishes, snappers and a host of others marine animals. A team of 5 of our divers were required to remove the net completely.

Downbelow is passionate about conservation and thus we are committed to protect and clean this park of any menace. After all, this is our second home. Apart from showing the beautiful underwater world to our guests, we also conduct all of our in-water training in this park.

Sabah Parks, the government authority that protects the park can’t do it alone, they require us to report all nets that we find and they are grateful for all the help they can get in their mission to keep TARP protected. By working together we can make a difference!

We realise that as PADI professionals, guarding our underwater world is a duty because it’s every divers’ reason for scuba diving!

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