Doing Everything We Can In The Name of Conservation

downbelow conservation

At Downbelow everything we do, we are always mindful of nature and we try to minimise our ecological footprint as much as possible.

We commit to designing experiences and providing courses that foster appreciation, awareness and conservation of the environment.

We do not leave out our interns and trainees. We always get them involved in all of our conservation projects including removal of ghostnets from the bottom of the ocean, beach cleanup and discourage the use of harmful elements such as styrofoam containers and plastics.

It is our hope that the awareness and love for nature spreads to everyone connected with Downbelow.

Our staff at the main office are also doing their part. Recently they collected 2 boxes of unwanted papers and sent them to a recycling agent. Papers with a blank side however are used as our notepads.

We are happy that everyone from Downbelow realises that conservation requires effort from everyone and we hope, you will contribute your energy to help Mother Nature whenever you can and being mindful of conservation as well.

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